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Officer Rick Ross Wins the Bow Wow Challenge With Head To Toe Fake Designer

We Have no words, Rick Ross should know better.  Sad part about this, it isn't the first time the rapper was caught flexing on the gram.  Here is some advice rozay, fire your stylist.  Obviously they are taking your money down to the flea market or local hood barber shop getting you right.  I cannot even feel bad for you because this is exactly what it looks like when flexing goes wrong.   Lawd why is #RickRoss out here playing himself. I have to admit, when I seen him I felt he looked a little silly and... Posted by NothinPod on Monday, October 5, 2020

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50 Cent Claims Fashion Designer Slow Bucks Beat Up Ashanti Sister

Retired rapper full time IG troll 50 cent goes after fashion designer slow bucks during a battle of internet words with ex G-unit thug Trav.  About a week ago trav took to his social media to drag the rapper claiming that he had Slow Bucks robbed live on stage during a summer jam performance out of Jealousy. During this time 50 cent was at war with Rick Ross and Slow bucks was seen taking photos with the rapper while he wore his Slow bucks brand. In response to the slander 50 threw some mud back claiming that not only did slow bucks abuse singer Ashanti sister, he also killed the baby that she was carrying from the aspiring clothing designer....

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