Black Chyna Rejects Adam22 And His Podcast

Adam22 was trying to start a podcast network and effectively replace Vlad.  At least those were the optics.  The No Jumper Podcast seemingly came out of no where and at one point looked like Adam was making all of the right moves. 
If you remember the pod-caster linked up with Business mogul Dame Dash and got berated for over an hour due to his inability to stop calling the show a basic podcast when Dame wanted to develop a talk show platform.  Dame also called him out several times for addressing the black community as if he were apart of it.
Recently Adam22 was called out by Djakademiks for being messy and doing some weird stuff with Celina Powell, its safe to say when people start to defend public whores over you then it is an agenda to get you out of here.
His interview with Reality Star Black Chyna went no better.  It was obvious that she did not want to be there and she was clearly being paid to do this.  Apparently she had to pee, because she mentioned how nasty Adam's bathroom was.  The woman Laura whom works with Adam for more than eight hours a day also refuses to use the bathroom in their studio. 
I can say the bathroom is decent for a man but know woman would use that bathroom, one look at the garbage and the seat up she is leaving, he should have hired someone too clean.
Once they got off the bathroom it was fail after fail as he tried to address different topics and she ducked dodged and refused to answer the questions.  In most cases she called him weird and laughed at him for his line of questioning. 
She Also warned him to stop bringing up the past and lets focus on what she has going on now.  Adam defended his pestering by saying these are the things the fans would like to know.
The icing on the cake was when he attempted to bring up Big Soulja.  Adam asked her had she recently spoken to him would she work with him on music; attempted to spin the question as if he would ask Soulja himself if his number were the same. 
Interview didn't last a full 20 minutes before she is taking off her headphones and leaving his studio calling him weird.  It is safe to say that Adam is looking pretty bad in these podcasting streets.  Check out the full interview here

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