Tihary Jose Tells All About Her Relationship With Joe Budden And Vado


If you do not watch love and hiphop you may not know who Jason Lee is so this #MightNotMeanNothinToYallbut in a recent episode of Hollywood unlocked Tihary Jose ex-girlfriend of podcast goat Joe budden sat down to chop it up with DjDamage and Jason.

Many are not happy with the episode dropping on joey’s 40th birthday with a headline that would indicate that he was physically abusive to the retired video vixen.  The interview could be looked at as petty however Jason made it clear that it was he who reached out to her and not the other way around.

When Joe's name came up it almost looked as if she wanted to move away from him quickly.

Jason opened the conversation about Joey stating that he is handsome and has good teeth.  Tihary threw shade asking is Joey had gotten his new teeth or not. Tihary went on to speak on the complications of her and Joey’s friendship calling him "unpredictable" and that she does not trust him.

She also states that she wishes that the fans will let go of the idea of her and joey.  They are in different places in life and believes that if people understood the actual dynamic of their lives and relationship people would not consider her and he goals; nor wish that they would get back together.

The King magazine legend also spoke on the famous club scene on love and hiphop where Johnathan pitted her against Cyn Santana the mother of Joe budden’s youngest child lex.

Eventually they get to this most recent season of Marriage boot camp where she physically attacked rapper vado with a barrage of apples.  She denied ever being aggressive toward the rapper and that the apple attack was a direct result of Vado being drunk and high going overboard with the shocker that had been attached to her from the reality show.

At this point Jason takes a messy double back toward land of Joe budden by asking her if she was a victim of domestic violence at his hand.  She did not say that joey “hit” her.  instead she goes on to detail several injuries that she indicated were caused by joe.  "Fractured ribs" even "thrown down the steps".  She claimed she was "verbally and emotionally abused prior to her physical abuse".  She stated that he sat with her in the hospital while she recovered from the rib injury.

After she detailed what she described as several years of being abused by Joe Budden, she claimed the rapper has written songs about the things he has done to her as well as spoken about her willingness to abuse men for over twenty minutes on his podcast.  It is safe to say that Tahiry is saying that she was abused by Joe and then made him her friend because she did not know what else to do because she was afraid of him.

The interview was released on August 31st, Joey’s 40th birthday.  The retired rapper turned pod-caster recently made the news when he turned down a nine figure offer from Spotify.  Check out full interview here.

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