Wendy William's Says Being A House Wife Like NeNe Leaks Is Slumming lol

It #MightNotMeanNothingToYallbut it looks like Wendy William's and NeNe leaks are shading each other all over the net.

The beef happens when Nene attempted to put Wendy William's on her live stream on Instagram.

The issue is now that Wendy told an exaggerated version of what really happened on nene live.  Wendy indicated she herd all of her people in the background saying hello and how you doin when that never happened as nene was alone in a room on Ig live.

It is safe to say when nene said that she was their with all of her people wendy took that to mean that she was recording for bravo, however that doesnt justify her stating she herd things she didnt.

Wendy went in on her at home show blasting nene for calling her during her ig live stream.  Nene has sense responded refusing to answer any questions about wendy. 

Looks like they friendship is not as close as they pretend. 

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