Solonge & Jayz Elevator Audio Leaks

Everyone remembers the infamous elevator incident where Solonge beat the breaks off her brother in law and beyonce just stood back watching.

According to the blogs audio is circulating from inside of the elevator and has completely discredited the story of Jayz cheating and solonge tired of beyonce taking it.

Word is Solonge is actually crazy and was having a mental moment where she began to scream and believe Jay was trying to kidnap and sale her. 

The blogs are saying roc nation and team carter made up the becky with the good hair story because honestly it is easier to deal with that rather having to explain that Solonge is a coke head whom is unbalanced with mental health issues that tried to escape capture from jay.

They are also saying Beyonce herself suffers from a mental health issue where she freezes and has moments where she is stuck, guess that explains what was going on when she was rocking at that basketball game. 

Dont believe me here is the drop

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