NBA Young Boy Responds To Kodak Black Indicating he is a snitch

It #MightNotMeanNothingToYallbut After thr near fatal stabbing at his home, rapper NBA YoungBoy decided to help the police in their investigation and answer their questions.  When the news hit the blogs fresh from his corona virus riddled cell incarcerated flordia rapper Kodak Black indicated that he believes that NBA may help the police in other investigations as well. 


Once NBA got his girlfriend home to safety he took to his IG live to clap back at the rapper.  Claiming all he was doing was standing up for his "Wife" against a female he never cared for.

He also calls boxer Floyd Mayweather a "Bitch Ass" and that he never took anything from his daughter so had no reason to defend her when she tried to kill his girlfriend.  Check out the full video here 

What are your views on this situation? Was he wrong for helping aid the police in the investigation? #LetsTalkAboutIt

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