Megan The Stallion The Victim Or Abuser?

If you remember back in February Megan The Stallion went viral after her mugshot resurfaced from a 2015 arrest. 

Megan took to social media to tell us the story behind the mugshot.  This story sounds identical to the story that she is

Giving us about tory.  Another fact about that is just like Tory, this ex man of her has not spoken about the issue.

 I am going to break down how both stories are  the same and as mentioned on Episode 51 of Nothinpodcast "Megan Smollett" Megan is on a victim roll out, constantly playing off of being a victim. 

 In both videos she starts off by saying how she needs to set the record straight because she is being lied on. 

  1. In both videos she talks about how embarrassing the experience was
  2. In both videos she talks about how real she is and why she had to protect "the man"
  3. In this video she speaks to how her relationship was fun however toxic.  The streets are saying that Meg actually took Tory from her friend.  That would be toxic.  You have seen Meg and Tory on social media having a great time, when this incident happened they were leaving a party, it is safe to say the relationship was fun.
  4. This video she claims the trigger was finding out that her ex had just had a baby on her.  The tory incident she does not disclose what actually sparked the issue but does admit everyone was fighting.  Blog claim the issue was some kind of entanglement.
  5.  In this video she claims she was trying to walk away from the man and he was not allowing her too.  In The Tory incident she claimed she was tired of arguing and tried to leave and that is when he opened fire at her.
  6. 3:10 minutes in Megan admits to putting her hands on men when they get out of line
  7. Megan claims she tried to keep the peace due to being in public, she also claimed to lie to keep the peace in her situation with Tory
  8. She claimed the man took her phone and crunched it and then used their height as an intimidation point.  She said she is 5'10 and he was 6'9 so imagine that.  The continues, however people have said the fact that Tory is only 5'3 does not give him a reason to use force, however for her it is a reason
  9. She claims she never called the police it was witnesses, same with Tory issue she claims there are witnesses
  10. 4:27 minutes in she admits to being the one that started to put hands on him after he broke her phone and pushed her.  She goes on to say the police asked her if he had hit her and because she is so real and not down with snitching she denied it in spite of obvious physical evidence that he had in some way put his hands on her.  She claimed she wanted to protect him so that nobody went to jail. Sound familiar?
  11. She continues to say the police then ask the man did SHE hit him and he says yes.  This is the same as her saying that Tory and his people are pushing a narrative that she was the one that started everything and he was defending himself.
  12. She then starts the victim talk, how she never been arrested before how she was so afraid how horrible the experience was for her.  Same as when she talked about how the police and the nurses and doctors were mean to her when she went to get help for her "gunshot wound" She goes on and on about how horrible it was in both videos.
  13. She talked about how much she cried just for being in jail, however if you view the TMZ footage that is allegedly right after he shot her, she is not crying no screaming for help in fact she seems very calm moving back and forth on both of the feet she claimed to be shot in.
  14. She claimed she couldn’t talk to anybody but the man that she beat up, same as the Tory issue.  Everyone wants to detail how her mom is gone she is in LA alone she does not have anyone except for the mainstream industry that she cannot trust because of them pushing the tory agenda.

 She continued to go on and say that she only stopped beating up dudes because men will report the violence.  Everyone is so quick to defend her and call her a victim of domestic violence but she champions it.  She calls herself the hot girl coach.  She sat on this video and admitted to drinking excessively and enjoying to turn up.  She admitted to putting hands on a man because he cheated on her and had a child.  Beyond that point why are the stories the same minus the part where she actually puts hands on tory?  Wouldn’t it make sense to you that she did? Why would he just open fire because you tried to walk away?






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