Love & Hip-Hop New York Extra Yandy's Adopted Daughter Has Something To Say About Her Being Homeless

According to the blogs, since Yandy's "husband" Mendeecees has come home from jail, yandy has thrown the stray child away hunny.

After an emotional episode of Love And Hip-Hop new york Yandy disclosed that she may be up against some serious legal ramifications if she maintained her parental situation with Infinity. 

Since the failed hip-hop manager has returned from lock up Infinity has been noticeably missing from family photo ops and outings.

The teen took to her social media to explain why she has been missing from the family events and photos via Yandy's instagram.

“I’m going to answer y’all once and once and for all. Why would she kick me out? Tell me why?”

“She ain’t kick me out. Are you dumb? She’s my family for life…that’s from now until whenever. Even when the world start falling off, we walking, we crawling, together. That’s my mother, are you dumb? Kick who out? What? When? Where?”

“So what y’all don’t know is I live in a dorm Monday through Friday then I go home on the weekends. Sometimes I don’t go home because I have basketball practice. So a lot of the things she do are over the weekend. Most of the time I’m in basketball, doing something with school or I’m being pulled in different directions, so no, she didn’t kick me out.”

“I spend time with my biological family and I spend time with my chosen family. And yeah, that’s just pretty much the gist of it. That’s still my mother, we’re still like two peas in a pod. Nothing more, nothing less.”


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