Bear Witness To No Heat On Christmas


The craziest thing about being an unsigned artist in the modern hip-hop environment is the audacity of originality and creativeness.

Today's artist seem to be stuck in the wave of those that have seen success before them rather than taking time to hone their style and create a sound that the listeners can say belongs to that artist, they rather play it safe and mirror what is being done daily then to take risk and develop something that has way more substance.

When I think of subject matter, beats plus overall professionalism the one unsigned artist that proves elite time and time again is Clinton LG.

I have watched and reviewed his career since before his name change and content pivot. 

Though Clinton does not constantly drop when he does it is a gift.  The recluse of an artist dropped his new single "Bear Witness" on his YouTube just a week ago and already has over 80 views and fifteen likes on the song.  That may not be impressive to you however the artist only has eleven subscribers on his official YouTube and does not pay for ads sponsored post video views or engagement.

unlike today's artist he does not Tik Tok, he does not constantly go live playing music, in fact as a person that works with him very closely we have had several conversations about the texture of his career path and how he plans on ascending to the next level if he doesn't believe in the participation of industry politics.

The Jersey city rapper has your average rags to riches story however he refuses to tell the same version of his story as these other artist, in fact if you asked him he would tell you that his past is not indicative of his future and he would rather not perpetuate the same stereo types that have been used to poison the minds of the youth rather he would rather use his experience and knowledge to reverse the ignorance strategically being placed in the minds of not only our youth but people period.

The artist uses his social media platforms to educate people of color of their power hidden within the glow of their melanin.  He encourages us to live better eat better and most of all be yourself regardless of how different yourself is from everyone else.

The new single bear witness is another example of his prophetic lyrics and seeds that he places in his music.  The production is strong and sultry, the video is simple yet very deep when you break it down in the context of the lyrics of the song. 

Overall what can be gained from adding an artist like ClintonLG to your library is an artist that can not only teach you new things but expand your vocabulary as well as perspective on several ideas from government policies and theories to pop culture avoidance.




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