Witness Say Alpo Was Throwing Drugs Out Of The Car Window

 If you are not following the reports on slain street legend Albert "Alpo" Martinez then this #MightNotMeanNothinToYallbut according to the New York Post over a decade in jail and witness protection did not take the hustle out of Alpo.

Reports are stating that after being shot, Alpo could be seen throwing several baggies out of the window of his 2017 dodge ram.  Even after being shot five times in the chest Alpo tried to get away and get rid of the drugs before the cops arrived to the scene.

About a dozen of the baggies were found on the street spaced a few feet apart near West 147th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

A source told the news publication that it seemed to them that Alpo was trying to evade capture as he knew the cops would be on the scene soon.

It is believed that the bags contained heroin.

Once the ambulance arrived, Alpo was taken to Harlem hospital where he later died.

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