Jackie Walker Is Coming

Jackie Walker is an album about revenge and sacrifice. Djefsclusive has named this project her magnum opus as she sets out to tell her stories through the life and death of Aileen Wuornos.

Aileen Wuornos was the Fbi's first convicted female serial killer. Her story of murder ended what seemed like a lifetime of mistreatment and fake love.

The metaphor goes much deeper as she details how the savage nature of the album is "justified" as Aileen believed her murders to be justified and in self defense.
The ex street worker sold her body to survive and though Djefsclusive did not, sometimes working a full time job and caring for a mother with severe nerve damage could feel just as crippling and helpless.
In the motion picture “Monster” Aileen Wuornos considers taking her own life, however decided to spend her last $5 dollars at a local bar.  She figured because she had done some sexual act for it and felt she should spend it before death.
In doing this she met her girlfriend; Tyria and fell in love with her company and the two became inseparable. Same as Djefsclusive and music.
Depression and sadness has always been a black cloud over the 36 year old artist because she has always been considered an outsider, never included in the popular crowds and always excluded from the popularity contest.
Several times she has considered suicide but often leans on her faith and belief of God, that and her undying love for music. Anytime life seems not worth living music is healing.
Jackie Walker the album represents the connection between the two women that lead to a plethora of emotions that eventually solidified Alienes future.


Aileen did the things she did on a quest to find her place in the world. Since the tender age of fifteen she sold her body for food and cigarettes, she did almost anything to fit in.

 In DjEfsclusives case she has offered a home to people that she no longer speaks too. She has been used and taken advantage of by several people she thought were her friends.
They both share in stepping outside of themselves to surround themselves with something fake with something that feels real.
The murders came from a sense of desperation, resentment and in some cases a necessity. When all you know is prostitution as a means of survival it is very possible your next payment opportunity is also a highway to heaven.
To resort to having to sale your body for basic survival would certainly create the feeling of desperation. Djefsclusive feels the same desperation as she gets older and feels she isn’t manifesting the way she would prefer. 

Aileen Wuornos battled with resentment pertaining to corporate America and their unwillingness to see her and employ her. She battled with resentment from men, her family her own grandparents that raised her and her brother as their own.

Djefsclusive feels resentment from choices that she herself made that may have contributed to her place of complacency.
She battles resentment for her mother and her sickness because parts of her belief her mother did it to herself with her alcohol addiction and hates that her life has to now transition to being a care taker for her mother disabling her from stepping outside of her box of introversion.
She has resentment for every artist she tried to work with that shaded her and didn’t take her seriously as a producer or a dj.
Many artist from Connecticut refuses to work with her yet pretend they would like too. They use her for her support but offer none.
They don’t comment on her music, support custom clothing line when they support everything else.
Constant ignoring and mistreatment from her peers has made her feel justified in the verbal assault and menacing soul samples that fill the album.
The lyrics tell stories of love laughter hate fun and any other emotion that can be triggered by disappointment and being ignored when you qualify for acknowledgement support and propped up by your peers.
Djefsclusive is a self taught song writer rapper producer and dj among other talents that she often offers to her peers with no interest being shown.
She plans on making it very clear that her female counter parts are not fit to hold the spotd that they hold.  Lyrically and style wise Djefsclusive personifies hiphop.
Several times she has taken to social media and dared any one of them to challenge her. She has dared any producer to battle her with no takers, so like Aileen Wuornos, something mentally shifted and then Jackie Walker was born.
Jackie Walker is DjEfsclusive’s alter ego that is troubled and responds to it with violence disrespect and bravado.
The album will be available on all digital platforms on November 30th, this Not only marks the date of the rappers 37th birthday but also marks 33 years since the murder of Richard Mallory. The one murder of all 7 that was 100% justified as he attempted to rape and violently beat Aileen.
On this date DjEfsclusive will deliver a seven song Ep of what she considers a justifiable can of disrespect and middle fingers up to all who have decided that betting against her was a sure bet.

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